Lagom: new living trend from Sweden

Lagom – an approach

Lagom is the name of the new trend that is being called out to us from the far north. What is that? First of all, Lagom describes a Swedish attitude to life that aims for the golden mean. What is behind it? Frei translates as much as “just right”, “not too much and not too little”.

What is meant is the balance of all things, not just living and furnishing . Rather, it is about the conscious and sustainable life that rewards us with inner satisfaction. A look up to Sweden confirms that there could be something in the way of life. At the same time, Lagom implies the renunciation of the yearning for more. What I have makes me happy, that’s all I need. In contrast to the abundance, the prudent handling, in all areas of life, be it finances, interpersonal relationships, the environment and ultimately oneself, should lead to all-encompassing happiness. And yes, the Swedes present themselves quite often as basically satisfied world citizens.

How to transfer Lagom into your own four walls?

What the Swedish formula for living means? Here, too, of course, it is important to preserve the center, to find the measure of things and in the most literal sense of the word.

The furnishing concept Lagom for the home means to live with not too much, but not too little. Rooms should not be crowded – and in principle not. Neither with furniture, with accessories or colorful with colors. The lesson: After all, too much of the stuff only makes up for a comforting feeling of serenity for only a few people.

Less hygge is more lagom

But even the opposite, that is to say, the reduction to the bare minimum practiced in the minimalism movement, is by no means proclaimed in the Swedish trend. After all, almost empty rooms often quickly become cold, and in front of them space-thinking à la Lagom also shies away.

Coziness, as taught by the Danish trend Hygge in recent years, is also desirable at Lagom, though not quite as cuddly. Thus, the Swedish export is recommended – big plus point – then also every year as quite deniable trend living .

Does it work?

Another buzzword in the lagom world of living: functionality. So our facilityshould be attuned to us, support us in our lives, make sense. Home accessories , such as vases, are part of a harmonious decor in any case. But in the end, do you have to accumulate ten different vases in all the trend colors of the past few years, which are not well thought out on sideboards or window sills? Lagom says no.Instead, it is worthwhile to invest in valuable pieces, which one can not get enough for a long time. The same game should then be applied to furniture , here is clearly quality before quantity. The preferred furniture material for Lagom enthusiasts? Natural, sustainable materials such as wool or wood, which are processed in view of our environment. In this regard, there are seals such as “The Blue Angel”, “Golden M”, “PEFC” or “FSC”.

Farbrausch? No thanks!

The perfect measure also applies to color. Important here: Accessories, furniture, carpets and wall paint should be coordinated, in other words, comply with a color family. Preferred tones for a calm balanced ambience are quiet neutral tones that convince with their unagitated and therefore long-lasting nature.One thing is for sure: mediocrity was never celebrated as much as it was thanks to Lagom.

Books on the subject

Whether saving energy and money, worf-life balance or furnishing questions: How Lagom works exactly brings us Lola Akinmade Åkerström with her guide “In the middle is happiness” closer. Price: 14,95 Euro.

In the lifestyle guide “Lagom – Happy living in balance” shows author and native Swede Linnea Dunne what it means to really live Lagom. Price: 16 euros.