Craigslist Wichita: Woman loses Hundreds

Wichita police report that they have been receiving calls about three common scams that target people in the region. These scams involve scammers posing as IRS agents, fake checks, and a scam involving Craigslist Wichita.

Craigslist scam: You may see an advertisement on the site that seems great, but you could end up losing a lot of money. This is exactly what happened to a Craigslist Wichita lady.

She says that she was looking for a place to rent, but couldn’t find one affordable. Craigslist had an ad that she liked, so she reached out to the man who placed it and started communicating with him.

He said that he was a manager for a company that took over rental properties from those who were being evicted. The man asked the woman to pay an application fee and a down payment, and told her that the property in the advertisement could be hers.

The woman met the man in a Walgreens shop where she gave him money and got receipts back.

It turned out that the man was not the owner of the property. The woman now owes $450. This is money she wanted to use for her essentials.

She says, “I get so many dollars a month and I need groceries and school supplies. I had to use this for rent (for) my current place.”

According to the woman, she is disappointed in herself for falling for this scam. She admits that the ad sounded too good to be true.

The Wichita Police have tips to avoid this type of scam.

  • They advise you to do your research. Before you pay any type of money, do your research.
  • Police say to trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, it most likely isn’t.
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Craigslist Wichita man robbed during Craigslist sale

WICHITA — Wichita Police are looking for two men they believe robbed a man trying to sell electronic goods through Craigslist at Pizza Hut.

Sgt. John Ryan reports that the robbery took place Saturday night. Police say the victim was threatened with a knife by the two men when he arrived. The $200 and electronics were reported as stolen.

Police have not revealed the value of the items or what they were worth. Police have not released any information regarding the victim or the suspects.

  • Ryan claims similar thefts have occurred before but not lately.
  • Craigslist Wichita, Kansas: Money scams to be aware of

Craigslist was once viewed as a great place to find great deals and sell goods and services fast. The lack of any screening mechanisms has made Craigslist a platform that is open to all. People should read the disclaimer when they log in to Craigslist. It should state that “Enter at your own risk.” Craigslist is full of money-scammers every day. We would like to highlight some of the common scams in different parts of the country. This article will be about Craigslist money scams that took place in the Craigslist Wichita area of Kansas.

  1. The Rental Scam

Tenants should be cautious. This scam is not uncommon in the United States, but it is very common in this area. These scams involve the scammer gaining access to vacant properties and listing them for rent. They go out and show potential renters the property. It gets exciting when they find someone willing to rent the property. Scammers will collect the application fee and first and last month rent, but they won’t allow them access to the property. Renters may have moved into a property only to discover that they rented it from scammers. If they’re not careful, families could lose hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. One story shows that the homeowner of the house will actually live there, and was alerted to the scam by a potential renter who knocked at his door. Talk about bizarre.

  1. The Hussle

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), has sent a broad warning to consumers in many states, including Kansas. They are warned that fraudulent Craigslist ads targeting car buyers have been placed by these scammers. These scammers pose as car sales firms. This is where the fun begins: these scammers are posing as car sales companies and convincing buyers to deposit money into the accounts to secure the deal. Craigslist is not a place to buy a car by hand. There are no legal recourses to get your money back if you are victimized.