Palomino “Puma Travel Trailer” RVs

Palomino Puma travel trailer is a fifth wheel, travel trailer and toy hauler that fits every lifestyle. The latest industry innovations are combined with customer-driven features. These durable, lightweight units are easy to transport and make your adventures enjoyable.

The interior height of the Puma is 80 inches. It also features floor-ducted heat, USB charging ports and a 35,000 BTU furnace. Its AlphaPly roofing membrane, rugged, powder-coated, steel I-beam frame and Puma travel trailer Next Generation enclosed water tank, Beauflor linoleum flooring and steel crossmembers make it extremely reliable. You get two additional packages with these units that will give you even more bang-for-your-buck. These packages include the Bluetooth stereo, an exterior speaker, and the bathroom skylight.

The Palomino Puma is the ultimate pull trailer, fifth wheel, and travel trailer. Enjoy the tranquility of the great outdoors while you tow your toys!

Palomino Puma Travel Trailer 31 FKRK

Take a look inside the Palomino Puma 31,FKRK to see why this trailer is perfect for adventure and family fun. This RV is also easy to tow, and offers many unique features that will make camping trips easier, more enjoyable, and less stressful.

The video tour shows you some of the most striking features of Puma, including the large sliding door that allows for lots of natural light, the interior fireplace in living room, and the abundance of storage space in the kitchen.

Who is the Palomino Puma travel trailer?

Palomino RV has been making towable RVs since 1968. They have built fifth wheels, travel trailers, campers, toy haulers, and other RVs to suit every budget and lifestyle. Palomino began manufacturing tent trailers in Savage (Minnesota), after Vern Landey, founder of a tent trailer distributor, felt that he could create a better, more affordable product. Palomino moved to Colon, Michigan to be near Elkhart, Indiana, as the demand grew. Palomino, which was purchased by Forest River, Inc. in 1998, is still a separate division that is among the top five North American manufacturers.

Puma travel trailer Exterior Features

  • The Puma travel trailer is a great choice for exteriors. Dicor’s DiFlex II TPO roofing covers the Puma. It comes with a 12-year manufacturer warranty. The flooring is made from a single-piece 24′ x 5/8″ sheet of 5/8″ plywood with a 25-year manufacturer warranty. The Puma also has a 55-amp converter and a battery charger.
  • Solar prep is available for campers who like to boondocking and camping in areas that don’t have full hookups. You can also choose to have a backup camera which makes it easier to squeeze into tight spots. Four manual stabilizers jacks are available to ensure your RV is ready for camping when you set it up at the campsite.

Interior Features

  • It is easy to feel at home in the Puma’s interior. It’s easy to forget that you are camping with the 80-inch interior height. To keep the interior bright, there are LED ceiling lights. You will also find USB charging ports to allow everyone to charge their electronic devices.
  • This spacious kitchen features a pull-down, high-rise kitchen faucet, and an under-mount stainless steel sink. Larger dishes can be washed in no time. The kitchen also features a three-burner, high output range, and glass range cover. You can make your favorite dishes and then enjoy the meal with your family at the booth dining table.