Surprising Benefits to Being Pregnant During a Pandemic

As most expectant mothers, I had a clear idea of what I wanted from my pregnancy. There were no complications, morning sickness, or other issues. I also got enough sleep to get through the storm. That vision didn’t include a pandemic, believe it or not.

All of the mom groups I follow on social media were concerned when news broke about our country being put under lockdown. It’s a righteous concern.

New York was the first to ban partners from joining mothers during delivery. Even after that ruling was overturned by New York, hospitals continued to limit birthing partners to one and send them home within a few hours.

My husband and doula were able to help me through labor as a second-time mother who had done it before. It was also hard for me to imagine having to deal with screaming babies in a cramped hospital room and recover from difficult births without my husband.

The worry about our parents’ availability to see their grandchild was another concern. I also worried about my 2-year-old son’s safety and the safety of relying on them for help in the first weeks following birth.

Although pregnancy is supposed be exciting with many maternity photos and newsletters reminding you of the size of our baby, I find it hard to forget when my due date is.

To keep me going and push through the weeks of uncertainty ahead I made extra efforts to find the unexpected perks of this bizarre experience we call pandemic pregnant.

My belly didn’t need to be Hidden

What was the best thing? It was being able to let my (rapidly growing) first trimester bump out in the world (ok, it’s just me) without feeling the need for it to be covered up with Spanx or hidden under unflattering sweaters until it was ready to share the news with the world.

Contrary to my first pregnancy I was able all the way through my first trimester to wear clothes that were comfortable for me and not be worried about people making secret bets about whether or not I was pregnant.

No one Second-Guesses my Behavior

What is the most annoying thing about your workplace and first trimester? You have to find excuses to not toast a promotion or sample sushi at work functions and parties.

It’s a struggle to not have your favorite wine or go for the second cup of coffee that you love. To keep my pregnancy secret, I don’t need to be surrounded with temptation (or forced to lie) whenever I’m with friends or coworkers.