Burp Buddy Kickstarter Project

The patent pending Burp Buddy makes it easy to keep spit-up messes away from the caregiver and the baby. Burp Buddy provides multiple three-layer panels of smooth and comfortable burp cloth surface. Conveniently flip to a clean panel when needed.  Burp Buddy offers 3x the usable space of a traditional burp cloth – that’s more cloth usage without needing to do more laundry.

Burp Buddy’s soft and absorbent fabric creates a moisture barrier between panels and traps messes and smells, is machine washable and dryable, and free of formaldehyde, PVC, and AZO dye.

I would love to tell you more about the professional and talented team behind this innovative project and share more information about Burp Buddy with you! Please check out their campaign page here. Thanks so much for your time; I hope to hear from you soon about working together on this unique story idea.

Spend more time making memories and less time on laundry with patent pending Burp Buddy burping cloths. The Burp Buddy burping cloth offers one cloth with multiple three-layer panels that enable the wearer to simply flip to a new, clean, and smooth burping surface.

Save water by doing less laundry: Burp Buddy offers more burping space without extra loads of laundry. For the amount of single burping cloths Moms need to wash every year, they use 3.3 billion gallons of water. Lesson that amount with the Burp Buddy cloth that holds multiple absorbent layers that trap moisture and smell.

Burp Buddy is free of formaldehyde, PVC, and AZO dye.

The patent pending Burp Buddy accommodates especially “burpy” babies because it is super absorbent and traps moisture and smells between panel layers. Burp Buddy provides one compact burping cloth with several three-layer panels that Moms and Dads can easily flip to for a new and clean burping surface.

Get more use from the soft and smooth Burp Buddy panels – without doing extra laundry. Burp Buddy’s multiple panel design saves water by offering more usable fabric with less laundry washes.

Burp Buddy is free of formaldehyde, PVC, and AZO dye.

Burp Buddy is a compact, multi-panel cloth system that accommodates even the most “burpy” babies by offering 3x more usable clean space than traditional burp cloths.  Each panel can be easily flipped to reveal a fresh, new, clean area for your loved one.   Each panel is made up of a triple layer construction that provides a soft, super absorbent exterior layer with a moisture blocking internal layer that traps moisture and smells – not allowing them to be spread around.

Spend more time making memories and less time on laundry and unexpected messes.  Parents usually need to buy 10-13 burp cloths for their babies which require about 45 loads of laundry to keep clean.  One Burp Buddy exceeds the capability of 3 traditional burp cloths, meaning you have to buy less and wash less.  Save time, effort, money, and water with Burp Buddy.  Burp buddy is machine washable, machine dryable, and free of formaldehyde, PVC, and AZO dyes.

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