Exploring Ancient Egypt through Children’s books

Probably one of the most fascinating of ancient human cultures is ancient Egypt. They were one of the first civilizations to invent writing, and had the insight to use moldy bread to fight infections, and both men and women wore makeup regularly! Their monuments have survived over thousands of years and their culture continues to capture the imagination of people today. What is a good way to introduce your child to the wonders of ancient Egypt? Through the magic of children’s books of course. These are some of the best children’s books I’ve found on the subject and are a great way to spark your child’s interest in history and ancient cultures.

Andy and The Pharaoh’s Cat

By  Carolyn Watson Dubisch

An exciting romp through an Egyptian town as Andy chases a cat who stole his necklace. The necklace was part of his Pharaoh costume for his school play, and his pursuit of this mischievous cat actually brings him back in time and across the world. The suspense of the chase really carries the story and the Egyptian backdrop will really engage younger children.

Bes Ancient Protector and Nightmare Deflector

By Shelli Wright Johson, Scotty Roberts (illustrator)


This book is just full of brilliant illustrations by Scotty Roberts. Bowy is trying to sleep but the shadows have him imagining terrifying monsters, when the Ancient Egyptian God, Bes appears in his bedroom to help defend him from the monsters and help him fall asleep. The history of Bes is included in the back and the story is told in a charming verse.

Mummy Cat

by Marcus Ewert, Lisa Brown

Probably the most poignant book I found on the subject. Mummy cat awakens in his tomb every century. He’s prowling the pyramid searching for the young Queen, his mistress, owner. He studies the hieroglyphs that tell their story. The art is wonderful and the story carries you through this vision of the ancient past. The book includes some back matter about ancient Egypt as well. 

Temple Cat

by Andrew Clements, Kate Kiesler (Illustrations)


A wonderful introduction to ancient Egypt. The story of a temple cat who is worshiped by the people of Egypt.Brought food and affection, all that he could want, but he pines for more. The beautifully rendered paintings that illustrate this book by Kate Kiesler make it a most worthwhile book to have on your shelf.

The Shipwrecked Sailor: An Egyptian Tale with Hieroglyphs

by Tamara Bower


This story is actually an adaptation of a story found on papyrus scrolls told in hieroglyphics. The story is of a sailor’s voyage on the Red Sea. He becomes shipwrecked on an island, encounters a huge, blue and gold serpent who tells him of his impending rescue and offers him gifts. The art had a 2d quality to give it an Egyptian feel and there is a map and notes about the story included in the book.

Introducing your child to this incredible ancient world has never been easier or more fun. So pick up one of these great books and explore the world of mummies, cats and pyramids.