Answers to your questions about how to wash baby clothes

What detergent is best to use for baby clothes? And what temperature should you use? What time should baby clothes be washed first? Should they be washed before or after use? Fear not! We have the answers to all these questions and more below to help you make it as simple as ABC to clean your baby’s clothes.

1. Which detergent is best for baby clothes?

You might be asking yourself if your baby can wash his clothes with regular detergent. The simple answer is yes. When washing baby clothes, it is important to choose a non-biological detergent. Because babies have sensitive and delicate skin, the stain-busting enzymes of biological detergents can cause irritation. Persil nonbio is a better alternative. It’s gentle on sensitive skin and highly effective. The British Skin Foundation has even recognized our skin care research.

Intrigued? In our guide, learn more about non-bio as the best detergent for baby clothes.

2. Is it necessary to wash baby clothes before they are used?

This is the short answer: It’s best to wash new clothes before your child starts wearing them. Baby clothes can pick up dirt, dust, and other irritants from the warehouse to your home. Baby clothes should be washed using a non-bio detergent. Follow the care label for instructions.

3. Which temperature is the best for washing baby clothes?

It’s tempting to wash newborn clothes at the highest temperature recommended by the care label. This is a good idea if your baby is ill or the garment has been heavily soiled. However, Persil nonbio cleans clothes at lower temperatures. For a clean and gentler environment, wash at 30 degrees.

Reusable cloth nappies are an exception. To remove stains, wash them at a low temperature and then again at the highest temperature to ensure they are ready for reuse.

4. Is it possible to use fabric softener for baby clothes?

Fabric conditioner is great for keeping baby clothes soft and supple, especially if you wash newborn clothes often. Be sure to check the label before you add fabric conditioner to your wash. Some baby clothes have a flame-resistant coating that can be damaged by fabric Softener. Comfort Pure is a hypoallergenic, gentle fabric conditioner that you can trust if the label says so.