Overcoming Birth Fears With Affirmations

I am sure you know that your world is a reflection of the beliefs that you hold. Affirmations are an excellent method for changing, or for reinforcing, the beliefs that you want to have influencing your life.

If you have fears about birth, affirmations can be a helpful tool for dispelling those fears.

The great thing about affirmations is that – even if you are already feeling positive and confident about your upcoming birth – affirmations will strengthen your already positive and confident mindset.

Here are some affirmations that I have created for myself as well as my clients. Pick the affirmations that sound best for you, or use them as a guide to make your own personal affirmations:

· I trust my body.

· My body knows how to birth my child.

· My child knows how to be born.

· I trust my birthing instincts.

· I trust myself to know what is best for me and my baby.

· I am strong and confident.

· I am capable.

· I trust my instincts.

· My baby will be born when he or she is ready.

· My baby and body know when to begin the birthing process.

· My body is perfectly made to give birth.

· My body is beautiful.

· Birth is beautiful.

· I listen to my heart, mind, and body.

· I am honest with myself.

· I trust the way my body labours.

· I trust the way my baby will be born.

· I trust the sensations I feel when I give birth.

· I give birth in my own unique way.

· I trust myself and my birthing process.

· I am a powerful woman.

· I have powerful and positive birth experiences.

· I am willing to experience all of the feelings and sensations of birth.

· During birth, my body does exactly what it is meant to do.

· My pelvis releases and opens during birth.

· I completely love and accept how I give birth.

· I feel peace and serenity about the birth experience that I will have.

· I will live in the moment during my birth process.

· The labour and birth I have will be perfect for me and my baby.

· I completely love and accept my body.

· I completely love and accept how my baby chooses to be born.

· I accept the love and support of those around me.

· I feel the love and support of those around me.

· My baby knows that all is well.

· I know that all is well.

· My heart knows what my baby needs, and I trust my heart.

· Strong contractions allow my baby to come into this world.

· I embrace strong contractions as a sign that my baby is on the way.

· I am assured and assertive.

· I am completely comfortable asking for what I need.

· My body contains all of the intuitive knowledge necessary to give birth.

· My baby contains all of the intuitive knowledge necessary to be born.

· Birth is a safe experience.

· Birth is a wonderful experience.

· Birth is a powerful experience.

· My baby will be born at the perfect time.

· I fully embrace all of the sounds of birth.

· My baby feels my calmness.

· My baby feels my confidence.

· I trust in my ability to give birth.

· During birth, my body knows exactly what to do.

· I surrender to my body during birth.

· During labour and birth, I will go with the natural flow.

· Birth is pleasurable.

· I am looking forward to giving birth.

· Birth is joyous.

· Birth is natural.

· My mind will be relaxed during birth.

· The intensity of my contractions demonstrates the strength within me.

· My body gives birth in the perfect time.

· I breathe my baby into this world.

· I surrender to my body, my baby, and my birth process.

· My birth experience enlightens me.

· My birth experience empowers me.

· I focus on what I can do, and I do it will all of my heart.

Here’s my favorite way to use affirmations:

1. Choose and/or create the affirmations that you want to have influence how you feel about birth.

2. Write the affirmations on cards and place them around the house.

a. Tape them on the bathroom mirror.

b. Place them on your dashboard.

c. Put them on the fridge door.

d. Write them in a journal and have them on your nightstand for you to read before bed.

3. Repeat the affirmations in your mind or out loud every time you see one of your cards.

Remember, the subconscious part of your mind learns by repetition, so the more often you say your affirmations, the stronger they will get and the more likely your mind is to absorb them. Once your subconscious mind has absorbed them, then it will start to take action on those beliefs and make them your reality.