How will the labor and birth room, or birthing area look?

Meriter Hospital is a large facility that allows patients to deliver their babies. It will be easier to move around during labor and sit on a birthing table. You will be able adjust the temperature and dimm the lighting. You’ll have a couch in your room, which can be used by your support person as a place to rest if necessary.

Tip: Meriter’s Birth Rooms also have a tub. We don’t offer water births, but water immersion can be helpful during labor.

What should I put in my hospital bag for?

You will be able to get all the necessary supplies if you need them. However, I always advise patients to keep a bag with you for 36 weeks. You will need to make your stay more comfortable.

These are some ideas to help you make a hospital bag.

Towelries: Shampoo, conditioner and soap. These items are available at the hospital but you will probably prefer to have your own.

  • Comfortable clothes for you.
  • Slippers, socks or flip-flops.

Robe or nightgown. You should choose a nightgown with an opening in the front if you are planning to breastfeed. The hospital ones work great!

Clothes you can wear at home. Comfortable maternity clothes will be your best option. If you are planning on breastfeeding, consider a nursing bra.

Your baby’s outfit for the trip home. While your baby will be in hospital, most parents want to take a picture of their baby on the way home.

Snacks for your partner/support person. There is a cafeteria that is open during the day and vending machines. Your partner may wish to bring along any special food items. Light snacks may be allowed in early labor. However, we do not recommend eating during active labor. .

Phone charger. You will be able to share frequent updates with your family and friends, and fill up your camera roll quickly.

What point should I go to the hospital for? What length of time should I be able to labor at home?

Women can have time at home for early labor. To keep us informed, we recommend calling if you experience painful contractions for more than 1-2 hours. If your doctor has given you additional instructions because of medical conditions, call sooner. You may be asked to arrive earlier if your pregnancy was more complicated or you live far away from the hospital. We recommend calling to determine the best time to visit, as it is often early in the morning for safety reasons.

Tip: Everyone has different pain thresholds. You should stop and focus on the pain without any other distractions if you have a good amount of “painful cramps”.

What is the average labor time for first-time mothers?

For first-time mothers, there are three stages to labor. The length of each stage is unpredictable. The entire event can take hours or days. The first labor is the most unpredictable. Second labors are usually faster.