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Genesis Occupational health Supplements: Risk and benefits

Many patients seek supplements to improve their overall health. Supplementation is necessary for some patients. However, excessive or improper use can cause Genesis Occupational Health problems. Supplements are not regulated like prescription drugs. This allows companies to operate in a highly unregulated market and sell ineffective or tainted goods.

Certain products can cause side effects. Sometimes, more is not necessarily better. Recent research suggests that lung cancer can be linked to excessive intake of B12 vitamins. Patients with a real B12 deficiency might need to supplement their diet due to absorption issues, such as diabetics or people who have had gastric bypass.

You should always discuss any over-the-counter medications or supplements with your licensed healthcare provider.

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Follow the directions on the medicine package and label. Inform your Genesis Occupational health providers of all medical conditions and allergies.

Before you take this medicine

Ask your doctor or pharmacist if vitamin E is safe to take if you have any other medical conditions.