Brief history of eye surgery

An eye surgery is any surgical procedure involving the eyes. Eye defects has been there since the early days. The only practical ways of treating these defects was by the use of glasses. Glasses used to cause some more defects for some people. They also caused addiction that the individual will do nothing if they didn’t have the eyeglasses. This led to the development of the idea for having surgical procedures for the eyes as there is for other body parts. These days, the surgical methods used include laser reshaping such as PRK and LASIK. There is also the surgical insertion of lenses that are artificial for eyesight correction. Surgeons at Melbourne have developed companies and clinics for these operations specifically.


Some procedures for eye surgeries

  • LASEK – this is an operation mainly for creation of a hinged flap in the eye epithelium. These flap is usually ultra-thin. The epithelium is the outer thin covering. The flap is then floated away from the surface of the eye by use of alcohol. This is to enable eye laser reshaping.
  • Epi-LASIK – the procedure is similar to the one above. The only thing different is that lifting the flap is done by use of a unique special cutting tool.
  • Bladeless LASIK – the mechanical tools here are not used but a laser is used instead.
  • PRK – another name for this is the wavefront assisted or wavefront-guided. The analysis in this method is ultra-modern. These include wavefront and it is used for precisely measuring light traveling in the eye. Excimer lasers that has wavefront analysis built in them are used to detect and then automatically adjust vision errors when there is application of laser energy. This helps for cornea reshaping. This procedure is unique and it helps patients maintain their contrast sensitivity and also reduce night glare risks after the surgery.

These and more other surgeries are conducted in Eye Surgeons Melbourne.

How to find a good eye surgeon

The eye surgeons Melbourne has to be experts for these matters. A little messing can mean termination of one using the eye. There are qualities that these surgeons must have. These include;

  • Licensing –the company must be licensed and certified. This ensures that they are legally operating after meeting the requirements set.
  • Method of advertisement – the eye surgeon should be well developed in terms of resources. With enough resources, they can handle all eye surgeries confidently. The method for marketing is also better.
  • Referrals – the clients should ask for referrals from their surgeons. The eye surgeon Melbourne should have the best reputation. The best in reputation are the best in referrals too. The referrals are the recommendations that in any case of complications. Experience is essential for having a referral. The more the surgeon has been in the field, the more the ability to deal with the eye problems.
  • Pricing – the cost is always variable for the eye surgeons. The best price set by the surgeons for you should be considered. Some prices are unrealistic for some clients. Such surgeons should be avoided. The company should consider that eye problems affect both the rich as well as the poor.