Facts about the cake that will tickle your mind!

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Here are some of the fascinating facts that you must know as a cake-lover to discover this mouth-watering dessert in altogether a different way:

  • Detected as Kaka

The name of this delectable dessert cake is derived from the North Germanic word – ‘Kaka’.

  • The original cake

The concept of the cake originally belong order cake online in Chenna is to the 8th century in the Roman, where it was a simple mix of ingredients like egg and butter. Honey was used to sweeten this delight.

  • The origin of blowing candles

Blowing candles were considered to be offering their prayers to heaven via smoke originate from the candle’s blow. These cakes were offered to the goddess of Moon, and the candles were placed over the cake to represent the moon’s sparkling light.

  • Red velvet – A delectable delight

Once a woman visited a restaurant and liked the red velvet cake ordered there. When she inquired about the recipe, she was charged for hefty fees of $100 which made her agitated. Furiously, she circulated the method over the internet to take revenge.

  • Are you finding your soulmate?

In the USA, it was believed that if a bridesmaid keeps a fruitcake below her pillow overnight, it is auspicious to find a suitable husband for her. Many bridesmaids followed the tradition to find their perfect match.

  • Do you know Cakewalk Dance?

In Southern United, Cakewalk dance competitions were organised which means walking gracefully. Whosoever did the best Cakewalk Dance received accolades and prizes for his/her talent.

  • Record-making Tallest Cake

A cake with a record height of 108 feet and 3 inches was baked by the staff members and the students of Hakasima-Nilasari Culinary School in Jakarta in Indonesia for a Christmas Eve. It has been registered as the tallest cake to date so far.

  • Pull out the Charm to get married

In some part of US, it was believed that whosoever would pull the ribbon from the cake attached to charm will be the next one to marry. A cake used to be placed with several decorations with one associated with the appeal. All the single girls used to pull the ribbon to know who the lucky girl is!

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