Do I need a Moses basket and stand?

Moses baskets are designed for babies when they first come home and need their own space in your room. They are designed as a scaled down cot to support your baby through the night and when they nap during the day. Not all parents choose a Moses basket, some parents go straight to a cot if they have the room. However, some parents feel that a cot looks too big for their tiny baby!

During the first 6 months of your baby’s life, it’s important that they are close by to you so that they can be monitored closely. A Moses basket allows you to have them as close as possible without being on your bed. They have many benefits to them that a cot may not offer your little one. For example, their high, padded walls can help drown out any noises around them and help them sleep much better. This is great if you live in an area where there is a lot of outside noise that can potentially disrupt your baby. Their smaller size is also made to make your baby feel more supported and as if they are still in the womb – helping them sleep better.

When you purchase a Moses basket, you will most likely see an option to purchase a Moses basket AND stand. But do you really need one?

Benefits of a Moses basket and stand

You may be contemplating whether you really need a Moses basket and stand. They’re not for everyone but can offer some fantastic benefits to both you and your baby. We’ve listed some of the common benefits that parents gain when they purchase a stand with their Moses basket:

  • Space saving – A cot can take up lots of room and isn’t ideal if you only have a small bedroom to work with. It’s not ideal having to completely reorganise your room just to fit your baby’s cot in! As we mentioned earlier, a Moses basket is a scaled down size of a cot and therefore, is able to fit into smaller spaces. The stand can provide you with the height that you would get from a cot, so that you don’t have to put your baby onto the floor or on an unsafe surface.
  • Help with soothing your baby – A lot of Moses basket stands come with a rocking function that can help soothe your little one when they are crying during the night. This can be a massive help as it means there is no need to pick your baby up. In the long term, this can actually help your little one as they use the movement as a way to self-soothe themselves. This means they won’t have to fully rely on your support to get themselves back to sleep again.
  • Comfortability – If you place your Moses basket on the floor, it can start to become quite painful as you constantly have to bend down and pick your little one up. This isn’t ideal for a mother who has just given birth. Instead, a Moses basket stand puts your baby in a better position and a more comfortable height for you to pick them up when you need to.

Although a Moses basket stand isn’t essential for you or your little one, it can bring a lot of help with it that you may need! When purchasing your Moses basket, check to see if yours comes included with the item or if you need to purchase a stand separately.