Torrance’s “Del Amo Fashion Center”

The new California Welcome Center at Torrance’s Del Amo Fashion Center opened. It is available to welcome guests when vacation travel picks back up, as long as the coronavirus pandemic does not wane.

The tourism booth will be installed at the mall by Torrance Mayor Pat Furey, who announced it during his October 2019 State of the City address. This was a few months prior to the pandemic.

The mall booth will be primarily open to visitors from the surrounding area. South Bay residents will also be able to benefit from the official second state tourism center in Los Angeles County. Fran Fulton is Torrance’s economic developer.

In a press release, she stated that tourism is an important contributor in Torrance’s economy. “Adding a California Welcome Center to our city is a great opportunity for sustainable growth as we continue to recover after the pandemic shut downs.” The new Welcome Center will not only benefit visitors but also local businesses.

Del Amo Fashion Center

This living wall is part of Del Amo Fashion Center’s Phase II expansion. It creates an oasis in one of the most crowded malls in America. Habitat Horticulture collaborated closely with SIMON’s design team to create a biophilic environment that was calming, accessible and inspiring. Del Amo Fashion Center Incorporating Green Elements in Redevelopment Efforts

Simon Property Group’s Del Amo Fashion Center incorporates sustainable practices such as living greenery walls, advanced lighting controls and the reused of demolished building material into its complete transformation of South Bay’s premier retail destination.

Del Amo Fashion Center’s redevelopment will incorporate eco-friendly elements. This includes the new patio-like Patio Cafes dining area, as well the new two-level mall and new entrances. There will also be landscaping upgrades and lighting upgrades. The outdoor lifestyle village will have a new Nordstrom opening in Fall 2015.

Lindsay Hermance is director of marketing and business development for Del Amo Fashion Center. She stated that she understands the importance of Torrance’s shoppers shopping with companies that demonstrate environmental awareness. “Our goal as we work towards transforming the center is to be the first to go green.”

Ron Hanson, Vice President, Operational Efficiency, Simon Property Group, stated that energy consumption is the largest component of our carbon footprint. He said this: “Because it’s the most important, it’s been and will remain a priority for us sustainability strategy.” “What’s happening at Del Amo Fashion Center is a great example of the many opportunities that we have as a company for incorporating sustainable practices into our daily operations.”