8 Happiness Tips for New Parents

Advice for Parents New to the Family

Many people offer baby tips and tricks for parents to get the job done. Trust me, you’ll be in need of them! Here’s something else…tips that will help you thrive, grow, and truly enjoy your new-parenting journey.

Be confident in yourself

First-time parents can feel like they have it all. Or like a rookie. You know what? You are the latest, most shining link in a long chain of successful parents going back to the beginning of the universe. Things will get more difficult later (fears and unfair friends, teenage traumas, etc.). For now, love, touch and singing are the most important things.

Be kind to yourself.

You may be like most first-time parents. Before you have your baby, you have never touched a newborn. Ask that “judge” inside you to go on a hike. As supportive as you are to your best friend, be kind to yourself. This is a sure way to happiness and greater fulfillment. It’s also a great advice for parents who are just starting out.

Sleep as much as you can (maybe my best tip for new parents).

Exhaustion is the pin that bursts the balloon of parenting joy. A person’s sleep quality can determine their mood. In my 30 years of pediatric practice, I’ve seen it all. It can make you feel lonely, incompetent and edgy, and it can lead to serious injuries and sickness. These 5 S’s can be used to boost baby sleep…and so is SNOO our smart sleeper, the most safest and most effective baby mattress ever made! Okay, maybe I’m biased but it really is!

As a parent, you should accept all help that you can.

Moms and dads have never been expected to take care of their newborns alone. To help us out, we always had older sisters, aunts, and moms to support us. When both parents work, it’s even harder. My advice to new parents is: Ask for or pay for assistance. You deserve…and you have it. You can rely on your family and friends, look into SNOO or hire help. You will get more sleep, and you’ll be able to enjoy your growing family better.

As you adjust to becoming a parent, be flexible.

Naturally, you will find some parenting philosophies more appealing than others. But if I had to design a bumper sticker for parents that said “Be flexible…or death!” I think it is important to have plans and ideas, but children can challenge our expectations. A man from the 1600s said, “Before having children, I had six theories about how to raise them.” Keep your eyes open, even when things don’t go as planned. It may surprise you how “just getting along with it” can keep you happy.

You won’t lose your senses of humor if you become a parent for the first time.

Perfection is only found in the dictionary. Don’t forget your dignity and organization. Be gentle with yourself. And, don’t forget to laugh at yourself! Laughter lifts spirits, reduces stress, and it is exactly what the doctor ordered!

It is almost annoying to hear that “the time passes so quickly” and “sleep when your baby falls asleep.” But it is true! Your baby’s first year will be a miracle. If you get your mind caught up in the future or the past, you’ll miss it. Feel her heartbeat and hold her close. Take in her smile and let it wash over you. When she says mama or dada for the first time, be fully present. Few moments are more joyful than these. Take advantage of every opportunity to thrive.

Last words of advice for new parents

These are my top tips for parents who are new to the field that I have been sharing for many decades. Remember, if you do your best as a first-time parent, then you are doing a great job. If you are having trouble, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Here are some resources to consider: My Newborn Sleep Tips & Habits can help your baby sleep better. These Mental Health Resources for New Parents can help you if you are having problems with your mental health. This is what you have!