3D Ultrasounds; purpose, safety, and benefits

The sudden outburst of joy shown by parents when viewing their baby on the ultrasound machine for the first is something that’s unexplainable, irrespective of how much we see it happen every time. Beholding the joy as they listen to the heartbeat of their child is nothing but electrifying.

The happiness alone is not the sole reason for the ultrasound, it is to check the health and development of the child. How often a woman undergoes an ultrasound is determines by several factors such as (if the pregnancy is a healthy one, or a special blood group and so on). Although ultrasound is safe but must not be carried out on a regular basis only when medically necessary.

3D ultrasound is a medical technique, with application in several areas like fetal, intra-vascular, trans-rectal and cardiac application. It serves as an imaging test, employing sound waves to trap the image gotten from the womb.

The only difference that distinguishes a 3D, 4D or 5D ultrasound from the common 2D ultrasound is that it produces 3-dimensional pictures of the baby and also shows the development of the baby. The images gotten from a 3D ultrasound is sharper and clearer compared to a 2D ultrasound.

To what degree is 3D ultrasound Safe?

This technique is largely measured as safe, radiation is not used, nor any chemical compound employed or the usage of injections and needles. The procedure for 3D ultrasound applies sound waves which detects clear pictures of the fetus and the womb for close examination.

The only risk per se which is associated with ultrasound is the possibility of heating the skin. This term is called cavitation and can be measured using standards called mechanical index (MI) and thermal index (TI). Even though is known to be very safe, it is still advised not to unnecessary use it.

The purpose of the 3D ultrasound

The main significance of the ultrasound is ascertaining the development of the baby based on the gestational age (maturation) and discovering any irregularities the fetus may have or the uterus.

Some of the defects that are identified are stunted growth spinal cord or the limbs and cleft lips, this helps to provide a full protective measure on the pregnancy and know the proper steps to take.

Additionally, 3D ultrasound is used to check the level of the amniotic fluid and the position of the placenta, which is necessary for a safe birth. Luckily, even those who do not have insurance can find a local ultrasound/sonogram technician and probably get their baby checked for a good fair price.

What are the benefits of 3D ultrasound?

·         It helps to generate detail images from different angles that will capture images of the baby like the mouth, nose, eye, and ear clearly compared to blurry imaging of regular ultrasound.

·         3D ultrasound aids to study the development and progress of the fetus from not just one angle but several making it very easy to detect birth abnormality of the baby.

·         3D ultrasound provides full and detail information which help in the anatomical study of the baby. This will aid a better explanation of the outcome to the parents

·         It provides accurate accession of the umbilical cord and also the proper configuration of the placenta

·         Certain disorders such as ectopic pregnancy can easily be identified.

·         3D ultrasound eliminates misreading of results because the images are clear and accurate from different angles.

·         Ensure and evaluate the movement of the baby and ensure the fetus is position in a head-down manner

With modern innovation and state of the art cutting-edge ultrasound equipment we provide both 3D and 4D pictures of your baby.

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