How to make your phone a baby monitor

How to make your phone a baby monitor

Do you want assurance that your baby will be safe and sound in his crib or bassinet at all times? You don’t need to look far for assurances that your baby is safe and sound in the crib or bassinet. You can use your smartphone as a baby monitor device thanks to a number of apps.

One major benefit of a mobile monitor is that parents can check in from their children anywhere they are. It is simple to set up, even for parents who are sleep-deprived.

However, parents might be wary about streaming their child’s nursery activities, especially after recent news reports about compromised baby monitors. Although it’s scary to think about, there is a good chance that it won’t happen to you.

Scott Steinberg is a technology expert and author of Modern Parents Guide Series. He says, “Realistically, as so long as your using a secure system and an adequately protected account and network, you’re probably safe.” Still, a little extra precaution can’t hurt.

“Make sure that your Wi-Fi network password-protected and use the strongest password possible,” he says. Don’t use obvious options like “password”, your birthday, or “123456”. Refrain from uploading the monitor feed to your Web site so that you can share it to friends and family.

Step-by–Step Guide to Using Your Smartphone for Baby Monitoring

Grab an old tablet or smartphone that you may have, because you will need two devices for this hack. There’s good news: You won’t have pay for cellular services to use your tablet or extra phone as a babycam. All you need is internet access. The device should also work on the same Wi Fi network as your home phone.

After that, you can download the app to both of your devices. Place the extra device in your nursery, and point it at the crib/basinet. Steinberg says that the key is to place your phone close enough to see your baby, but not so far as to be unable to tell what’s going. You should make sure that the phone is connected to Wi-Fi and plugged into a power outlet. Otherwise, it could cause a battery failure. ).

This will be the camera. The other device will be the monitor. Be sure to activate the enhanced security features of the app before you click the switch. This will ensure that your baby’s video streams are private and only you can access them.

The best baby monitoring apps

There are so many monitoring apps available. How do you decide which one is best for you? Tim Baran is an app specialist and blogger editor for Rocket Matter. Rocket Matter is a legal-software company. We asked him to help us pick the best. Here are his top 3 picks for baby-monitoring apps.

Cloud Baby Monitor

Cloud Baby Monitor from VIGI Limited, $5.99 in the App Store/$4.99 in Google Play, is a tricked out app that broadcasts audio and video. It allows you to hear your baby’s every word, watch their movements and even sing them to bed. All communication is protected by industry-standard encryption, which provides extra peace of mind. This app is available on both iOS and Android.

Baran states that it also has motion and noise alerts that will let you know when your baby is in distress.

Bonus: Download a companion app to an Apple Watch, Apple TV or Mac to transform your smartwatch, TV or computer into a baby-monitoring station.

Dormi Baby Monitor

Dormi by Sleekbit is a free Android app that allows audio and visual streaming. You can listen to and see your baby, as well as chat with them remotely. The phone will vibrate if your child starts crying when you’re talking to them on their phone. Dormi can be connected to as many Android devices and Wi-Fi networks as you like.

Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3G ($5.99), a cloud-based baby monitor, by TappyTaps allows you to mix and match devices on iOS or Android. Baran explains that it transmits live images or video feeds from the baby’s room and provides vibration alerts. It also allows your baby to hear you speak. All communications are protected by industry-standard encryption. The app can work with any Internet connection, whether Wi-Fi or Cellular. You can even check in using your Mac, PC, Chromebook or smartphone.