Mongolian children empowered through self-defence

ULAANBAATAR (Mongolia) – As their uniforms are handed to them, a group of children smiles. They are about to begin Jiu Jitsu self defense classes, and seem excited to learn the martial art.

Tsetsegdelger (10 years old) says that since joining the club, she has done my homework and house chores better than ever before. “During the training, we also learn to forgive each other when we make mistakes. We learn to forgive one another. Since I joined, I have learned a lot.”

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With Our support, the Mongolian Jiu Jitsu Federation and WE, the club was established at “Magicland”, a child protection center. The goal of the club is to provide more recreational opportunities for girls and boys, especially those who are most vulnerable. It is crucial that every child has access to a variety of options. This will help them develop transferable skills, creativity, and a sense independence. WE and the Government of Mongolia collaborate to create these opportunities.

“I am extremely excited to open this club for Mongolia’s most vulnerable children. Alex Heikens, a former WE Mongolia Representative, says that he is certain that the experience will be very memorable and valuable for these children. His own children have seen the benefits of martial art firsthand, and he says that they are now more confident, less likely to be victims to violence, and can protect them if necessary.”

Jiu Jitsu is more than just a sport. It is also about social skills. As with all sports, the children who attend the classes can make new friends, control their emotions, be patient, and learn how to overcome any challenges they face in life.

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Every week, Jiu Jitsu Federation Federation professionals come to the centre to teach students new techniques. WE also created a course in adolescent psychological to assist instructors in their work with young people. Club teachers can use the training to help identify and support kids with mental health issues, or where they can be referred for help.

Inspirational initiative

Battur Anguuch is better known as Anguuch. He was the winner of Mongolia’s Dance with the Stars. WE will use the prize money to fund a Jiu Jitsu Club at a national children’s residential care center. Anguuch, a martial-arts expert and prominent social influencer says he was inspired to donate and hopes that his gift can help children.

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Anguuch stated that he hoped many Olympic and World champions would come from the club. Anguuch also promised to spend time with the children who were taking classes.

Three locations offer self-defense training. It is very popular in residential and community care centres, where there is strong demand for empowerment. WE has supported the clubs since their inception and will continue to advocate for the inclusion of the activities in students’ extracurricular activities.

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Anguuch states that she was happy to donate her prize money to WE as she knows this support will make a lasting impact on the children. “I have seen firsthand how sports can help children develop and grow.”