Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

Motherhood is one of the major milestones in a woman’s life. It marks a turn of events where your priority now becomes your children. As a mother, you must endow your child with an environment where he will be able to maximize his potential. Everything that your child will become in the future will depend on how you care for him. Let us start with the basic need of your child – food.

Breastfeeding is one among the finest things that you can provide to your child. Breast milk contains nutrients and antibodies. It is also economical and will help in the normal return of your uterus to its previous size. Breastfeeding protects your baby from infection and allergies.

With our lifestyle today, even though mothers want to breastfeed, some are just so busy that even if they want to breastfeed their child, they are just too tired. Some will just resort to buying formula or expressing their breast milk and storing them in containers. Breastfeeding is highly recommended because it has many advantages to both the mother and the baby. How does breastfeeding help both the mother and the child? Below are breastfeeding benefits:

o Can breastfeeding help reduce heart diseases in women?

Yes, studies show that breastfeeding lessens the risk for heart diseases in women.

o Can breastfeeding help lessen the risk for endometrial, ovarian, and breast cancer and osteoporosis?


o How can breastfeeding help in postpartum hemorrhage?

Breastfeeding help in uterine contraction which prevents bleeding.

o Is it true that breastfeeding help strengthen the bond between mother and child?

Yes, breastfeeding helps in developing a very strong bond between mother and child.

o Can breastfeeding help in contraception?

Although not perfect, breastfeeding can be a form of contraception.

o How does breastfeeding help a child’s immune system?

A breastfed child is healthier and does not easily get sick.

o Can breastfeeding help save time?

There are no preparations necessary unlike in formula milk.

o Breastfeeding is free!

If you are a new mom, decide whether you want to breastfeed or bottle-feed your child. Weigh both sides of the coin. After all, we are dealing with the health of your baby. That is the top priority.

If you have finally decided to breastfeed you child, here are some breastfeeding tips that will guide you and help make breastfeeding easier:

o Your breast may feel swollen a few days after birth. The remedy to this is breastfeeding. If possible, nurse after giving birth. It is suggested that you room-in with your baby.
o Ensure that the latch on is properly done so that baby will be able to drink well and you will not feel so much soreness that is usually associated with breastfeeding.
o Breastfeeding tips involve the different ways to hold your baby. Ensure that you are both comfortable in the position that you choose.
o Babies need to be breastfed frequently so do not restrict feeding. This is the time where your baby needs all the nutrients that he/she can get.
o Another one of the breastfeeding tips is to avoid the use of artificial nipples to prevent nipple confusion to the baby.
o Take the opportunity to rest when your baby is asleep.
o Among the very important breastfeeding tips, one of them is to drink plenty of water.
o Your nipples might get sore. Avoid tight clothing or fitted bras to promote healing of sore nipples.
o One among the many breastfeeding tips that you must remember when you are nursing is to use pillows to support you and your baby to prevent strain on your back or shoulders.
o If you are feeling pain, try re-positioning your infant’s mouth to your breast.
o Be careful of the medicines that you take because they will go into your breast milk. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as well.

The breastfeeding tips mentioned will surely be a big help to new mothers. Mothering is a full-time job. Babies can only cry so you must attend to their every need and be sensitive to whatever it is that is bothering them.