Bounce House Fun Games

Inflatable jumping structures are a popular part of children’s birthday parties, whether they be indoor or backyard bounce houses. These bouncing party games will keep your guests jumping at your bounce house party. Mirago Media AB created Grapevine. Our vision: In today’s world that is constantly changing our goal is to design and develop low-cost products that can be enjoyed by everyone during the hours , and also to help with the preparation and planning of birthday parties, celebrations, piraten geburtstag events celebrations, anniversary celebrations, corporate events and family celebrations by providing tips and techniques.

Freeze Bounce

You can play some birthday music while the children bounce around the house. The music will stop and the children must immediately freeze. They need to stay still as the house shakes. Anybody who falls is removed and the song ends.

Change Place Race

Each child should be assigned a number. Take them to the bouncehouse and ask them to form a circle. The birthday child should stand in the middle of the circle and call out two numbers. Players must switch places and get up before the birthday child takes one of the empty spots. The last player standing wins the right to call the next two numbers.

Bounce Pair Races

Only four people can play the game at a time in the bouncehouse. Partner them up and have them stand in opposite corners. They must jump across the structure with their partners and then switch sides when the signal “Go!” is given. The team that reaches opposite corners first wins. The next four players do the same. After everyone has taken their turn, the winning teams continue to play until there is only one remaining.

He’s your man!

The birthday child should be placed in the middle or in any other position that he is comfortable in. The other players will bounce until the birthday boy falls over or moves.

Balloon Attack

Players should line up on opposite sides and assign each side a different color. Toss equal amounts of each color of balloons in the bounce house. Children must throw their balloons to the opposite side of the bounce house without crossing the line. They also need to make sure that the other colors of balloons are not on their side. After the time runs out, count how many colored balloons are left on each side. The team with the most balloons of each color wins.

30 Second Challenge

This game requires players to bounce in a specific way for 30 seconds. Children will bounce in the house, and someone outside will shout a command like “bounce on one feet!” Then they will try to bounce on one leg for 30 seconds. (The person who calls out the commands will count them).

Anybody who stops or falls before the time runs out is out. For the next 30 seconds, a new command will be called out. You can use animal imitations to prompt the game. For example, you could bounce while flapping your wings and swing your trunk while swinging your elephant’s trunk.