How to choose a bedside sleeper for your baby

One way to keep your baby close is to use a bedside or cosleeping basset. In order to decrease the risk of SIDS, safe sleep recommendations recommend that babies be kept in the same room with their parents for the first six months. Safe sleep organizations recommend that your baby not be allowed to sleep in the same room as the parents. was launched in the year of 2019, an online store for wholesale baby items that is your top choice for high-end products at low prices. We are dedicated to serving our customers with great products and excellent service.

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The Bedside Sleeper

A bedside sleeping bag is a bassinet attached to an adult bed. To make it easier for parents to reach the baby at night, the lower side of the bedside sleeper is usually preferred. You can adjust the lower side to make the two spaces meet at the same level.

Safety First

In 2014, mandatory U.S. federal safety standards were put into place for bedside sleepers. Some bedside sleepers were recalled after allowing a baby to slip between the mattresses or allowing strangulation or entrapment. All bedside sleepers sold in the United States must meet these safety standards.

How to Choose a Bedside Sleeper

You should inspect the mechanism that holds the bedside sleeper to the adult bed if you are using one. Is it likely to slip and create a gap? To ensure that the mattress supports are strong and don’t allow it to sink or sag, you should check them. You should also check the manufacturer’s age recommendations and weight limits.


Your mattress should be firm enough to fit comfortably in your bedside sleeper. You should adjust the height so that your bed can be level. Either a waterproof cover or a way to clean it should be provided.

For bedside sleepers, there aren’t the same size standards as for full-size cribs. This means that you cannot just buy any sheet and expect it fit like crib bedding. The bedding should fit snugly so that it doesn’t create pockets or bulges which could block the baby’s ability to breathe. In case your baby has to urinate or has a diaper spill, it is a good idea if you have an extra sheet.

What else can it be used for?

Your bedside sleeper may only be used for a few months. Look for sleepers with other functions. You can use them as a play area or deeper bassinets that can be used for longer periods of time once your baby is awake. A bedside sleeper should be foldable for easy transport.

Cosleeping bassinets

The cosleeping mattress is a bed that you place on top of your own bed. It provides a safe, enclosed space for your baby to rest in. There are many types of cosleeping bassets. Most aren’t covered by federal safety standards because they don’t fit into any particular product category.

How to Choose a Cosleeping Basinet

A cosleeping baby bassinet should provide a firm place for your baby to rest. The mattress should be snugly fitted inside the bassinet. The sides shouldn’t be padded. You should look for mesh sides and other breathable materials. The frame should not collapse if the parent rolls on it. This could trap your baby or cause injury. Once your baby is able to roll or sit up, the bassinet must be removed from the crib.