Craigslist Colorado, a state with mountains, is a popular spot for outdoor lovers. Colorado offers outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing and fishing. It also has big-city sophistication in Denver. Colorado is a beautiful state that experiences all four seasons: spring, summer and fall.

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Denver, located in the Rocky Mountains’ foothills, is a growing metropolitan area. Denver is undergoing significant redevelopment. It has a vibrant nightlife, strong cultural vibe, and large city sports teams. The Mile High City, which has a population of nearly two million, is seeing significant growth. However, it is also beginning to feel the negative effects of many people. There are still many jobs available and the city can be used as a starting point to explore the surrounding mountains.


Boulder, home to the University of Colorado is a small college town with a traditional look. Many people have tried to move to Boulder because it is a great place to live. This has led to high property prices. Boulder, despite its cost-effectiveness, is a great place to live.

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Steamboat Springs, one of many Craigslist Colorado ski resorts, is my personal favorite. Summertime is a great time to enjoy hiking, mountain biking, fishing, bird watching, and other outdoor activities.

  • An 11-year old girl claims she met a man accused of sexual assault on Craigslist and called him her “boyfriend”.
  • Warning: This article contains descriptions about minors who have been accused of sexual assault.

WESTMINSTER (Colo.) – A 11-year-old girl went missing on Tuesday. Westminster police later discovered that the man she was with was a boyfriend she had met through Craigslist.

The man was later identified as Michael Patrick Buckley, 30, and is being charged with sexual assault of minor.

An arrest affidavit was released Thursday. A witness working on a construction site near the girl’s home said that she approached him Tuesday afternoon and asked to use his phone to call her boyfriend.

According to the witness, the girl claimed she was 23 years old and that she was going to meet her boyfriend through Craigslist Colorado. She claimed that she was selling rats.

After 20 minutes, the witness asked the girl to return to her cell phone. She said that her boyfriend was only five minutes away.

Police were told by the witness that the girl didn’t look as old as she claimed and that he had seen photographs from Amber Alerts for the girl.

The witness witnessed a silver Acura picking up the girl around 3:35 p.m. The witness took a photo of the vehicle and the license plate. He saw that the driver was a white man, approximately 25-35 years old. The driver was either bald or had very little hair. The driver was wearing glasses, and his right pinky was missing.

Police were able to locate Buckley thanks to the license information and the cell phone number that was called by the witness.

Officers knocked at Buckley’s front door and noticed that Buckley was missing his right pinky. This helped to identify him as a suspect. Officers yelled the name of the girl from Buckley’s front door and heard a female voice reply.

A detective spoke with the girl and she stated that she had sex with Buckley multiple times at his house.

According to the Girl, Buckley was her Boyfriend for two Days

After his first appearance before a Jefferson County judge, Buckley’s bond was set at $100,000.

George Brauchler, an ex-prosecutor, said that Buckley faces the type of accusation when a child younger than 15 is the victim in two or more acts sexual contact.

Brauchler explained that the pattern-of abuse element can be understood as a series or short-term assaults.

Sherry Morfitt and her wife believed their search for a rental property was over when they discovered a charming two-bedroom home located just blocks from downtown Craigslist Colorado Springs.

They were able to afford the house they listed as “cozy” or “quaint”. Problem? The problem?

A person had created a fake listing by using images of property they did not own. They even asked for hundreds of dollars in rent or a deposit.

Morfitt-Shumway’s wife and several others from Fountain Mobile Home Park need to leave quickly. The park is being washed away at the base a 30-foot cliff which leads to Fountain Creek. Because of these landslides, El Paso County purchased the land.

They turned to Craigslist Colorado

Morfitt-Shumway stated that interactions with Craigslist’s “Joyce”, a Craigslist poster, were unusual from the beginning.

She said, “We kept asking her for her number over and again, but she wouldn’t give it.”

“Joyce” eventually agreed to a deposit and rent amount. She also said that she would meet the couple at their house on Mother’s Day.

We planned our day accordingly. We decided to rent the house so we cut all of our plans. Morfitt-Shumway stated that she never showed up, did not email us, and nothing,” Danielle Kreutter, 11 News reporter, said.

She knew that something was wrong when she saw it. After checking the El Paso County Assessor’s website, she discovered that Mari Lea Chambers is the property owner. Chambers has been the owner of the house for approximately 40 years. The house has been vacant for several years.

Morfitt-Shumway found Chambers’ primary address, and called her Monday night to inform her of what was going on.

Morfitt-Shumway described their conversation as “I was like: ‘I’m sorry to tell you that somebody is trying to profit off your home.'”

Chambers said, “I am so grateful to her… Chambers stated, “I would not have known.”

Chambers said to 11 News that she was trying to decide whether she should sell her house. She believes that the fake Craigslist listing probably obtained photos of her property from an older online real estate listing.

“I find them to be awful. “I mean, how can you be so mean?”  

Kreutter wanted to see what it would be like to respond to the fake ad. Kreutter reached out and was granted a rental application.

Colorado Springs police stated that if the person who posted the fake Craigslist posting actually received any money, they could face anything from misdemeanor computer crimes charges to more serious charges depending on how much they earned.

Craigslist Colorado: Crimes with Ties

  • Craigslist is connected to Dynel Lane’s shocking story about cutting the unborn child of a pregnant woman.
  • Lane posted on Craigslist a notice asking for baby clothes for sale. Lane is believed to be the victim.
  • We have covered crimes in which Craigslist is a part of it before.
  • Below are five examples of the past few years with text from our original materials.
  • Some are minor, and some of them can be funny. Some are more serious and disturbing than others.

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It’s a common sitcom trope to see a guy trying to manage two dates simultaneously. This is usually solved in hilarious ways.

Kevin Gaylor’s case is unlikely to end in a happy one. He reported a woman he “met” on Craigslist and described her as a burglar, in an unsuccessful attempt to keep his mouse work secret from his girlfriend.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department a report was received about a burglary in which a suspect with a weapon was involved. It was reported from a fourplex located on Picturesque Circle, a benign-sounding street. Five officers were sent by the Stetson Hills Division to investigate. They quickly captured the female in question, but it didn’t take long to discover that the story had more holes than it seemed.

The woman informed the police that she had connected with Gaylor (age 24) via Craigslist and had traveled to his home to “better get to know him.” Feel free to add a “nudge,” a “nudge”, and a” wink, wink.”

Gaylor’s girlfriend, however, showed up unannounced and was there when the woman arrived. Gaylor called police to claim that his Craigslist friend was trying to commit a crime, probably to cover his cyber-surfing.

According to police, Gaylor was the true crime-committee. He was taken into custody and was charged with false reporting to authorities.

Since then, he has been released. It’s not clear if he is sharing his story of woe with the girlfriend mentioned above, or someone from Craigslist Colorado.