3 quick tips that will save your patio furniture from a bad weather

Outdoor or patio can serve as a good relaxation spot for you and your guests, especially with good furniture in it.

In fact, a good furniture in your patio is very eye-catching and certainly makes a good impression on your guests as they arrive in your outdoor space.

However, one thing is to have good beautiful patio furniture, another equally important thing is to maintain them and keep them in good condition.

The reason is simple. Changing temperatures and moisture from wet weather can quickly damage your patio furniture if you don’t take the proper steps to maintain and store them.

Hence it is very important to follow all necessary measures to keep your furniture intact, especially if you spent good dollar in acquiring them.

Here are some simple steps or tips you can use to keep your outdoor furniture in good condition over the years, through spring and winter.

Cover it up

Sometimes, extreme climate can make it impossible for you to use your patio furniture. If that’s the case, one of the easiest ways to preserve them is to cover them up using heavy duty patio furniture cover.

Depending on the size of each piece of furniture, you’d want to buy furniture covers that are large enough to cover each piece of furniture in your patio.

To prevent them from being blown away by wind or breeze, you also need to tie the covers in place as well, so that they can resist any passing wind.

Seal cushions to prevent fading

Colorful cushions can really make your outdoor place stand out. However, if they are not stored properly, weather elements can take the color of them before you even know it.

So, to prevent fading, you can store your outdoor cushions in a deck box outside or you can even use ottomans that have inbuilt storage in them.

Another option is to seal them in lock and seal bags. If you don’t have lock and seal bags, you can tie them up in trash bags, and preserve them until their need arises again.

Use your garage

Not everyone has a spacious garage to spare. Most people already use their garage for packing their cars and storing their garden and woodworking tools. So, it is very unlikely that there will still be space large enough to accommodate patio furniture.

But if you’re one of the few that really have a spacious garage, then why not store your patio furniture in your garage, when the weather outside is not conducive.

In fact, if you have a garage that can accommodate then, you should by all means use it because it is the most ideal place that will really keep them in good condition until the weather is good enough for them to be brought outside once again.